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“A golden whiskey voice, with a bit of rumble, a bit of grit, both reassuring and seductive.”- Ruth Francisco-author of ‘Sunshine Highway’

MILL VALLEY - Home to The Mill Valley Film Festival, Mt. Tam, Muir Woods, redwood trees, Dipsea foot Race, waterfalls, an entire hilly neighborhood with streets named after POETS, rock stars, artists, and WRITERS, WRITERS, WRITERS

The Mill Valley writing community has included Jack Kerouac, Jack London, Maxine Chernoff, Cyra McFadden, Peter Coyote, Gerald Nicosia, John Gray, Gary Snyder, Joyce Maynard (J.D. Salinger's close companion), Jane Hirschfield, Jack Finney (Body Snatchers), Don Carpenter, composer Vince Guaraldi, poet Yoko Ono, John Lennon and other lyricists.

Marin County authors include Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, Isabel Allende, Kerouac's daughter Jan (also a writer), Stirling Silliphant, Shel Silverstein, Sterling Hayden, Susan Trott, Catherine Coulter, personal favorites Van Morrison (aural poet), Philip K. Dick, R.I.P. Barnaby Conrad, Joe Esterhaus, and Richard Brautigan, 2Pac. Saaay what?! Tupac Shakur is the new addition to our literary list of local "poets." 2Pac once called Marin City home. As it was pointed out to us by Oakland storyteller Josh Healy - rap actually came from the mash-up of "rhythm and poetry." Rap is like poetry with attitude, from the streets.

Mill Valley is pedigreed with notables such as Jack Kerouac, who once lived in Homestead Valley, and in On the Road mash-uped Mill Valley with Marin City for "Mill City," an Ernest Hemingway connection, as his eldest son and grand-daughter Mariel called Mill Valley's Boyle Park home in the 60s, and Jack London's Sea-Wolf reference.

JUST IN, as reported by the Marin Indepenent Journal: Two new independent bookstores set to open in San Rafael, Larkspur By Megan Hansen 06/21/13

"For the first time in many years, not one, but two independent bookstores will open their doors in Marin County. Copperfield's Books, which has stores in Sonoma and Napa counties, will set up shop in San Rafael in November, and Diesel, which has stores in Oakland and Southern California, will open a Larkspur store in July."




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Making the Rounds

Think a writer just has to get a book deal and sit back in a bath of royalty checks? Let's follow recent Mill Valley Lit contest winner, San Anselmo emerging writer Susanna Solomon, and find out.

By Susanna Solomon

When John King asked me to put together a little blurb on making the rounds to literary events, I had no idea I attended and/or read at so many.

When I started going to live mic readings two years ago, I knew that a section from my novel in progress wasn’t going to work in the five minute period I was allowed. So I decided, as a lark, to write a story based on a Sheriff’s Call entry from the Point Reyes Light. Two years later, I have an 80 stories collection coming out this year from Harper Davis Publishers. There is nothing quite so wonderful as reading aloud and have people react. It does wonders for your writing. So here is a list of a few week’s worth of open mic (mostly) readings and events. When you can’t read, listen, if you can’t listen, you miss out.

West End Wednesdays, Fourth St., downtown San Rafael First Wednesday every month. 7:00 pm. West End Wednesdays at West End Cafe & Deli in San Rafael, CA . An open mic, mostly poetry reading, put on by Charselle Hooper (mc) and Ken Dickinson, keeper of the email list and prompt supplier. When I first went to West End, I wasn’t sure I fit, as I write prose. They were so supportive and encouraging I’ve been back every Wednesday since. People read their own work, other people’s work, and sometimes sing. Five minute limit. Free. 10-15 attendees usually. I read one of my stories May 1 and April 3. This is a great place to read new material, I consider it like vaudeville, this is a place to fail and nobody will tell. They are always kind.

Small Towns BIG Stories, April 7, Sunday. I put on this event with the help of wonderful writers Gil Mansergh, Amanda McTigue, Jeb Harrison. We are all authors with Harper Davis Publishers. We had a small but eager audience, and lots of babies. We called it Small Towns, BIG Stories. People who wandered in, stayed. Other people drove from over the hill from Mill Valley, San Rafael, and Petaluma. Others just drove down from Inverness Park. Hostess and owner Jude Robinson Carol Whitnah couldn’t have been more pleased. We all read from our books, talked about our stories and our small towns to an eager, enthusiastic audience. Jude would like more events, contact her at:, or 415–669-7195.

Redwood Salon and Redwood Writers, Sunday, April 21. I am a member of the CWC (California Writers Club) both Marin and Redwood (Sonoma Branch). The Redwood branch does lots of events all year, including but not limited to; Odd Month Readings, open mics at libraries (open to the public wanting to read their work), SOCO coffee, 1015 4th St., Santa Rosa (open to all), meetings, contests, and my favorite, the Redwood Salon. At the salons, we have potluck and readings at private homes. You have to be a member. The salons are great. I read a new story to a small audience at a lovely home in Cloverdale. Most of the salons are in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Cotati, etc., all in Sonoma County. It was a real treat. Redwood Writers also puts together an anthology, has an anthology launch (great fun), and has a play contest where the six winners have their plays performed. Check them out.

Words & Wine, 6:30p, Wednesday, 24-April. Corkscrew Wine Bar, 100 Petaluma Blvd North (at the end of B Street by the Water Street Bistro, across from Central Market). Cyndy Cady, Tanya Egan Gibson, Tom Joyce, Ana Manwaring, Ransom Stephens and Jon Wells + some open mic. They may have one of these events again, this was the kick-off. Well attended event, with the regulars (Pints ‘N Prose and Tuesday Night Writers), with some local Sonoma County writers. Tiny place, big crowd. I read a new story that got a lot of laughs.

CWC Marin, Sunday, April 28. I attended the meeting in Corte Madera where Gillian Bakewell, The Darling Strumpet, and Patricia Bracewell, Shadow on the Crown, gave a talk about point of view. Both these novelists write historical fiction and delve deep into their characters. They read from examples showing first person, second person, omniscient POV, close and distant third. The audience had a lot of questions. I enjoy this meeting because it is a place where I can connect with my local branch, and I also bicycle there and stop for a beer on my way home.

May 6, Monday, Left Coast Writers 7 pm. What a group, published authors all, or so I imagine. They meet at Book Passage in Corte Madera and in their San Francisco store. They also provide opportunities for book launch events for their authors at the bookstore.
David Downie, author of Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James, gave a talk about his 750 mile stroll. It costs $ 120 to join LCW for one year and worth every penny. The events are very well attended.

May 9, Why There Are Words, 7 pm. This event, curated by Peg Alfred Purcell, is held at 333 Bridgeway on the second Thursday of every month, check website to be sure. Peg has a great selection of readers, usually 6–7, who are chosen well in advance. Place is always packed. I have been a featured reader there once, and loved it. And will be again, in the fall. Consult the website for submission details. I have been going to WTAW for a couple of years, and have dinner nearby and make an evening around it. Also, lots of people I know show up, so it’s a party.

June 6 - I'm off to Quiet Lightning in SF tonite.

June 11, 6 pm - Pints & Prose memorial\book launch for writer John Wells. Peri's Bar, 29 Broadway, Fairfax - very warm crowd, with dinner afterward (see John Wells Memorial in Gallery).

June 15, The Women's PowerStrategy Conference at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. Founder Patricia V. Davis has asked me to introduce panels for this powerful conference full of wonderful speakers and great networking.

June 24, Hotel Rex in SF, readings at 7 pm, I think this is an invite only for the readers, but I will probaly go as I am trying to get the word out about my book. It's near Union Square.

by Susanna Solomon

Susanna, who lives in San Anselmo and Point Reyes Station, writes stories inspired by the sheriffs’ calls section of The Point Reyes Light. An electrical engineer by day, her writing career now has the voltage. Susanna's short stories have appeared numerous times in The Point Reyes Light and in Harlot’s Sauce Radio online magazine, and she won first prize in Mill Valley Literary Review's Winter 2012 story contest. Her collection of short stories – Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls - from Harper Davis Publishers hits Fall 2013.  www:

Between Two Worlds by Lucretia


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